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About Wild Twin

According to Scandinavian folklore, each of us is born with a wild twin. This wild twin is ragged, uncivilised, hungry, and at our birth, was exiled to live in the forest. As we grow up in the comfort and safety of our lives, our wild twin is left to grow alone in the wildness of the world. That is, until we invite it back in

At Wild Twin Forest School, we aim to honour the wild twin that each of us was born with, to invite it back into the kingdom and become a little less civilised in its presence. By doing so, we begin to become more aware, more connected to the ground beneath our feet, more intuitive, and more tuned in to the songs and stories that we exiled along with the wild twin all those many moons ago! So come and join us in the forest and get reacquainted with your wild twin through the joys of Forest School.

We are Level Three trained Forest School Facilitators and Wild Twin operates under the Forest School ethos of child-centred and child-led learning, exploration, supported risk-taking, developing long term relationships with the natural world and opportunities for holistic growth in a safe and nurturing outdoor environment. More on the blog about Forest School's roots!


Wild Twin Forest School

Helping kids and adults find their wild twin

Kids Sessions

We run birthday parties for children for 2-3 hours. Sessions usually take place at Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest, Walthamstow Marshes or special sites for fire-use. Location can be discussed. 

All tools and kit are provided (including a big flask of hot chocolate) to accommodate for shelter-building, whittling, bow and arrow making, orienteering, learning to tie knots, forest craft, plenty of games and much more. Age range 5-13.

Drop the group off with us at a convenient meeting point or set up camp nearby.

Making Dens at Wild Twin Forest School
Leaf Activity at Wild Twin Forest School
Making Dens at Wild Twin Forest School
Green Man Masks at Wild Twin Forest School
Tie-Dying at Wild Twin Forest School

We also offer in-school or after school sessions. In-school sessions fit in with the curriculum and offer a chance for a class group to spend a portion of time learning outdoors within their school day. We usually run these in four to six week chunks. Please email us for more info!


If you are interested in an after-school session at your child's school, then please send us an email and we would be happy to discuss. 

Tie-Dying at Wild Twin Forest School
Natural Dyes at Wild Twin Forest School

Adult Sessions

Making Fire at Wild Twin Forest School for Adults

Discovering the wild twin isn't just for kids! We run adult sessions across London each month in different wild sites teaching about the magic of nature through forest craft, storytelling, games, shelter-building, fire-making, tool-use, forest bathing and much more.


We also offer private events for birthday parties, corporate events, staff days, staff training, wellbeing workshops, and team-building. Whether it's an opportunity to get out of the office for a day and back into nature, learn a few new skills or have a unique and fulfilling day out with your friends, a forest school for adults event gets you and your team grounded and back to nature. 

Sessions can be completely tailored to you and your group and can run from two hours to four hours long, depending on what you're looking for. 

Location can also be discussed and we charge per head. 

Ancient Fire Craft at Wild Twin Forest School
Wild Twin Forest School for Adults Group Photo
Ancient Fire Craft at Wild Twin Forest School

I had my 30th birthday party with Sophia in Epping Forest and we all had such an excellent time. It felt good to be able to just play and get creative building shelters, whittling, making holly wreaths and playing woodland games. 

Holly Welty



Forest School Accreditation

Clapton, London, E5


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